Breed: Mutt

Owner Name: Kim Stricker

Adoption Year: 2010


Adoption Story:
As avid hockey fans, we attend Wolves games as a family. We had actually attended another Wolves Adopt-a-Dog night one year earlier and managed to not take home a dog. We already had at home a dog, cat, and rat. However, in November 2010, two of the four of us wanted another dog to add some fun into our lives. Our other dog was 13 and not so active. At the game, my oldest son and I saw on the jumbotron the cutest type of small dog we had been looking for over the summer. We hustled down to find out that dog was already adopted. My son then saw Foxy, a medium short haired dog with the sweetest face. I rarely say yes as a mom, but this was a Yes, especially as everyone else expressed interest in this dog. She was three, trained, and sweet. After an intense text battle with my husband, he and my other son agreed we should adopt Foxy. From the moment we got her, she has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She is very puppy-like without the high needs of a puppy. She obviously had a trauma-filled past, but is so happy to know she has a good home with people that love her. Our older dog is also puppy-like again. The cat? Not so pleased, but reluctantly coming around to the addition. We tell everyone to get their next dog at a Wolves game!

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