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17 Jan
Written by  Mike Davies

The Bachelor: Episode 3 Recap

This season is filled with the most insecure girls I have ever seen. With that being said, let's cut right to the chase.

The Bachelor Week 3

This season is filled with the most insecure girls I have ever seen. With that being said, let's cut right to the chase.

First One On One Date

Emily gets the date card here and her and Ben attempt to conquer their fear of heights as they climb the Golden Gate Bridge. Just a typical first date. I'm sure they aren't the only ones who have done that on a first date. I will bet that I'm not the only person who was wishing it was Courtney and wanted that cord to snap. Anyways, Emily is a cute girl and I hope she sticks around. While giving her the rose, Ben told her,  "My dad said he loved my mom because she was smarter than him, and you (Emily),  seem to be smarter than me, and I like that about you. I try to live up to my dad's expectations " Ok. Boom. Then right there you should cross off Courtney and about 6 more of these dimwits.

Group Date

Ben was able to find the only ski slope in San Fransisco which happened to be on a street where a bunch of creeps live. As the girls and Ben skied in their swimsuits down a hill,  I overheard one girl say, "Who wants to help me take my shorts off?" How many guys watching the show answered, " I will!" Guilty here.

Later that night, at the cocktail party, Ben handed Rachael the rose for "opening up" to Ben. I thought it was a good choice, but I would have given it to Kacie B., because well, I love her. Ben should just call the show off, propose to her and run away to Thailand. Why Thailand? Because I feel anywhere else, Courtney will find him and rip his head off.

Second One On One

Lindzi;  She got a rose after a dance in City Hall, which Ben somehow got a key and just so happened to catch a band performing in there. Ben handed her a rose on this date and I think they have a good connection. A heavy favorite

Kacie B.: In a way, she reminds me of Chantel O. from Brads season, just by how she laughs, flirts and acts around him. If Kacie B. gets cut before the hometown dates then I'm canceling this blog.

Courtney: This girl will owe me a new tv if she sticks around after next episode. I can't stand her. she either puts way to much salt on her margarita glass or needs Chapstick. Licks her lips waaaaay to much. Shes the type that if she were to win, then ABC shouldn't show the season, because she will snap after every episode and her and Ben won't last. She told Ben, "I think we would make cute babies." I hope Courtney never reproduces. She's immature, to young, and two-faced and I want to break this computer.

Blakeley: I feel like this VIP cocktail waitress would look good on Young and the Restless. That is all.

Shawntel: She was the mystery girl. Death rates must be down if Shawntel could make the trip to Cali. Little unfair that they let her back. Created some great drama though. Dumb of ABC to not let her get a rose. I feel like she would have stirred up a lot of drama and I would have loved to see her and Courtney together. Kind of an odd profession. When I ask my children what they want to be when they grow up and they say "deceased make up artist", they will be grounded until I'm deceased.

Jaclyn: "On a scale of 1 to 10, I feel like I'm going to throw up" – that doesn't make sense. Maybe it's a good thing she is gone, seems like she was on a downward hill slope towards being the next Jenna.

Erica: If you can't handle the 3rd rose ceremony, you are obviously too young to be on the bachelor. Fainting? If this was an attempt at a pity party so Ben will give you a rose, good move...still didn't work.

Ben said she's the best kisser in the house. Sometimes on this show when I watch people make out, I feel like I'm making out, but that's not the case this season.

All these girls are so insecure, and it is exactly why there all still single. Three girls are gone and the field is getting thinner. More drama lies ahead and once it gets down to six girls or so, it's way easier to talk about. See you next week.





My Top Five

  1. Kacie B
  2. Lindzi
  3. Nicki
  4. Emily
  5. Those legs from the previews were NOT Shawntel's. So until we find out who's legs those were, we are leaving this spot open. Keep an eye out people, we got legs to find.


Name: Hot legs.

Description: Long tan Caucasian legs. Belong to a girl who's possibly 5''6- 5'9. Cleanly shaven and perfect calf to quad ratio. Tweet to @mikegdavies if you have found them.

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